Ian Munro Managing Director of Munash Natural Fertilisers started his campaign to discover a natural alternative fertiliser in 1986. After years of research and development on his own land and working as the national head sales leader for a fertiliser company he discovered David Hall.

David Hall, a farmer and scientific researcher with thirty years experience has lectured on health through nutrition throughout Australia and on agricultural excellence in Australia, USA, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

David, who studied nutrition and researched with Universities, medical doctors, naturopath and alternative healers in Australia, USA and Europe, believes the solution to healthy gardens should follow a similar principle to what is followed for a healthy body – ‘total balanced nutrition’.  His belief – the effect poor nutrition has on the human body must also have the same effect on soil, plants and animals.

This led David to the conclusion that healthy soil means healthy animals, plants and human health.

David and Ian began working together in 1989 when David commenced manufacturing Rock dust in Victoria.  Ian took over management of Rockdust in 1997 and bought the patented rights from David Hall in 2002.

Ian has spent many years honing and developing Munash Rockdust to be the amazing product it is today.  Soil health and farming has literally been a lifelong learning experience for him.

Ian has an intensive organic and biological farming background with over 20 years growing a range of vegetables, cereals and stock grazing. He has been an avid ambassador in converting conventional famers to understand natural farming principles

Since purchasing the patent for Munash Rockdust Ian has been tirelessly developing and researching the Munash range of products which complement each other like Munash Renew.

“Learn to feed the soil and let the plants feed themselves” – Ian Munro